You've passed the test!

The very fact you decided to check out my dog rather than listen to me banging on means you're the right client for me!

Meet Jackson

There is nothing he loves more than his tennis ball and looks forward to going out with it every day.

Jackson is my beautiful Yorkshire Terrier and anyone who knows me will have seen hundreds of images of him!

Getting wet and muddy

He loves to go for a swim to retrieve his ball.

I'm not sure how he makes such a big splash in the water given his size. Anyway, enjoy some images of him getting all wet and muddy... and occasionally stuck!

Meet his best pal Nala

Jackson's best mate is Nala, a gorgeous Frenchie.

Unfortunately she doesn't share his love of tennis balls or jumping in the water and would much rather try and chase him.

Dog photos available

They say never work with animals or children. Well I work with both. It's not easy but I believe you can't beat a good dog picture.

If you have a fur baby and want some images then please get in touch with me today and I can provide you with a personalised quote.